Sharing Success – Our Social Responsibility
Kamal Metal Products is a socially responsible organization that helps contribute towards the betterment of people around not just by manufacturing quality products that benefit the masses but also by investing in the lives of those in need.
Our objective for social responsibility is to encourage and concentrate on the emerging communities children by not only just fulfilling their basic needs, but also help and support the children with the inherent danger of  becoming estranged from their parents and encouraging the shame of poverty. So that there could be a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies which respects people's right and dignity.

Kamal Metal Products Child Sponsorship Initiative

Reaching out to 10 Children across India in Bhubaneswar, Chennai, North East Delhi, Jorhat and Mumbai
Kamal Metal Products believes that children are the nation’s future. Sadly millions of children remain under the yoke of poverty, malnourishment and lack of opportunity. In an effort to invest into the lives around us, Kamal Metal Products is sponsoring 10 children across India along with World Vision India, a humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. Children’s are future of India, so let’s try to transform their life.
Through the Child Sponsorship initiative, we are happy to help meet their basic needs of education, healthcare, and access to drinking water, livelihood assistance and most importantly empowering children by making them aware of their rights. 
Thanks to our clients and partners, we are able to share our success by supporting children in need.

Disclaimer :
Children sponsored by Kamal Metal Products are registered with World Vision India for the Child Sponsorship Programme. World Vision India is a humanitarian organization registered as a society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and having its national office at Chennai, India